Selected references

The European Organization for Nuclear Research – CERN

Location: Geneva, Switzerland, 2016

The Nuledo Custom Cloud Chamber was manufactured for CERN, the world’s largest center for nuclear research, as a unique device for popularisation of science and demonstration of nuclear physics phenomena.

Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany

Location: Dukovany, Czech Republic, 2017

The Nuledo Unica Cloud Chamber was manufactured for Power Plant Dukovany especially as a sample, that radioactivity is all around us. Visitors can observe natural and artificial radiation, so they can better understand the problematics of radioactive radiation and the way in which nuclear power plants operate.

Science Museum CosmoCaixa

Location: Barcelona, Spain, 2017

The science museum CosmoCaixa in Barcelona had bought the Nuledo Unica Cloud Chamber to enable its visitors to dive into the mysteries of nuclear and particle physics. Unique interactive elements aim to engage visitors and make science education even more entertaining.

Steno museum

Location: Aarhus, Denmark, 2018

The Steno Museum in Denmark has its own planetarium and is dedicated not only to physics but also to botany or anatomy. Visitors can learn about penicillin, X-ray and thanks to the Nuledo Compacta Cloud Chamber they can better understand the physics of X-ray, as well as the principles of nuclear medicine, such as proton therapy or positron emission tomography (PET).